McConnell Unloads On Democrats For Their “Permanent Power” Plan

Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (KY) has torched the Democrats’ takeover of elections using their new bill on the Senate floor as a complete “power grab” by liberals “to fix the rules of elections permanently” for them.

As the Senate seeks to vote this week on the election bill, McConnell took to the Senate floor to speak about what the Democrats are attempting to do with their extreme agenda. “Democrats went into June with an agenda that was going to fail. Their leader planned votes on a range of their most extreme priorities., McConnell said.

“None of it was ever planned to actually clear our high standard for legislation. Instead, the failure was meant to show that the Senate was failing., he said. “For months, we built expectations for such failure.”

He explained that their “radical bill” was the “same bad bill that the House introduced in 2019., which had the “same partisan motives.” He went on to say that “ever since democrats got the outcome they wanted, we watched them change their rationale for their new power grab.”

McConnell further explained how Democrats have said a filibuster is a racist tool and that state legislatures that passed election reforms are racist too. McConnell responded that this idea was recently debunked. He said, “Remember, the previous presidential election had the highest turnout in decades — even during a pandemic.”

“Even liberal-leaning websites have debunked these claims., he said. After the disinformation started, the Democrats made it so that “any state that deviated from pandemic-linked procedures got summary judgment in the court of leftist outrage.”

The senator then explained that the Democratic party in the Senate has a “driving force” to push their partisan takeover bill as their “desire to fix the rules of our elections permanently, to be permanently in their favor.”

Author: Scott Dowdy