Biden Gives Illegals a ‘Helping Hand’ Into America

President Biden’s DHS is planning to bring in tens of thousands of illegals who were ordered deported under former President Trump’s administration back to the country.

In a DHS notice sent to lawmakers, according to news reports, the Biden White House will allow illegals back into the U.S. who were enrolled in a now-gone “Remain in Mexico” program and whom a federal judge had order deported when they did not show up to their asylum court hearings.

The Remain in Mexico policy, which Trump passed, helped drastically lower asylum fraud by forcing migrants to stay inside Mexico while waiting for their asylum court hearings in the U.S. to prevent them from being released into the nation, and then never showing for their scheduled hearings, and live illegally within the country for years.

Biden, almost immediately after getting into office, ended Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy and has instead allowed 11,000 migrants into the country with the help of non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Now, the almost 35,000 illegals who were either deported or had their cases thrown out could find themselves being eligible for returning to the U.S. to have their cases reheard.

As of May, under one percent of migrants in the Remain in Mexico program were granted asylum to stay in the U.S. Almost 30,000 migrants have pending cases and are being released into states like Texas, New York, Florida, California, North Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia, among others.

The Biden White House is considering their options to bring other deported illegals back to the country for release into the interior of the country. One plan supported by globalist interests and the open borders groups would allow deported illegals, those who applied for any form of legal status, back into the country. Another plan would allow in deported illegals who left their children in the U.S. back into the country to get reparations.

Author: Blake Ambrose