Democrats Freak Out After Missing Their Chance At Dictatorship

Yesterday, even with Senator Joe Manchin changing his mind about the For the People Act, the Democrats’ attempt to create a one-party nation through ballot harvesting, stopping voter ID, controlling redistricting, and generally taking over all elections, failed.

In a 50-50 decision, Republicans successfully blocked the bill, which is called HR1/S1. Senator Kyrsten Sinema restated that she would not end the filibuster to pass it.

Now, it’s done. But the crying has just begun. Here is Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez going nuts on Twitter over the embarrassing defeat.

There are some things wrong here. To start, a 50-50 vote in the Senate is not the majority for either party. The VP constitutes the tie-breaker vote in some situations, but that is irrelevant as to one party having the mandate or not. But even if the vote ended with 51-49 in favor of Dems, that is not enough of a mandate to end the filibuster and destroy the Senate to push through a very partisan law.

Besides, HR1/S1 has no voting rights inside it. That is fake news that is pushed by the media, but that does not make it a credible claim. Voting rights exists for all Americans who meet certain legal requirements, and those requirements are not connected to discrimination. AOC and all her woke friends and socialist allies have not been denied any right to vote. It’s all nonsense.

Of course, the best and entertaining part about all of this is the outright hypocrisy. And AOC gave that in droves because she once celebrated the filibuster after Democrats used it, which means she does believe that the minority party should be able to block bills.

So the filibuster is a good thing when it helps AOC’s purposes. But when it does not, it’s an evil historical tool that conservatives used to stop progress. Are you getting the game, yet?

Author: Blake Ambrose