Kamala Finally Gets Off Her Rear-end And Gets To Work — Sort Of

Former President Trump spoke on Wednesday about reports that VP Kamala Harris will travel to the southern border, going to Texas, with DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas this week, only days before Trump was scheduled to visit the border.

In a comment sent from his Save America email list, Trump spoke about how Harris would never have gone to the border if he and other conservatives didn’t have a similar trip planned.

“After months of not paying attention to the crisis at our Border, it is wonderful that Kamala Harris and Joe Biden will finally see the great damage and death they have created — a direct cause of Biden stopping my very tough but fair policies., Trump said.

“Harris and Biden received the strongest Border in our history., he said. “And now, it is the worst in our history.”

“If Texas Gov. Abbott and I were not going to the border next week, she would have never went!” he said.

Trump’s mention of Texas governor Greg Abbott is concerning his planned trip to look at Abbott’s plan to build his own barrier along the border, allowing Texas police to help Border officials with immigration.

Abbott unveiled his plans last week to erect “barriers” that are Texas state property, allowing them to bypass restrictions against Texas officials from stopping illegals. If migrants climb over Texas’ barriers, they can then be captured and arrested for tampering with government property.

The move is meant to help stop the record-setting surge of illegals coming across the border thanks to Biden’s open border agenda, which has overwhelmed Border Patrol officials. Last month, there were 180,034 people caught at the border, the most in almost 20 years.

Although Trump usually goes for the Biden administration with his Save America email list — comments like this are often published on social media sites that have blocked the former president.

Author: Steven Sinclaire