Trump Takes Sweet Revenge On One Of His Biggest Rivals

For a while after the 2020 Election, Republicans questioned how much influence Donald Trump would continue to have. Some, like former staffers and a few in Congress, were ready to kick Trump to the curb.

They voted against him in the left’s second, bogus impeachment. And they propped up the false narrative that he was responsible for the Capitol riot on January 6. Clearly, these were establishment RINOs who had always opposed Trump’s America-first agenda.

Some of the names are familiar, like globalist-loving Mitt Romney. Joining him was moderate Lisa Murkowski, who frequently sided with Democrats over President Trump.

Now, Trump is making good on a promise he made several years ago. He’s paying back Murkowski’s continued opposition, by helping her rival.

Former President Trump on Friday officially backed a challenger to the 2022 re-election bid of Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, a fellow Republican known to vote against her party.

Trump issued his support for former Alaska Commissioner of Administration Kelly Tshibaka in a statement put out by his leadership PAC Save America, according to The Hill.

“Kelly Tshibaka is the candidate who can beat Murkowski,” said Trump, who also called Tshibaka “a fighter who stands for Alaska values and America First. She is MAGA all the way.” [Source: Just the News]

Years ago, Trump promised to travel to Alaska in 2022 and rally for anyone that was running against Murkowski. He just took a step to fulfill that promise by endorsing her primary rival, Kelly Tshibaka.

Trump celebrated Tshibaka, saying she is a fighter who is “MAGA all the way.” He even promised to campaign for her in Alaska personally. This is consistent with his vow to help the GOP win big in 2022.

The fact that Trump continues to make news over political endorsements shatters the narrative that he’s done for. We can’t predict what he’ll do in 2024, but his ongoing involvement in GOP politics speaks volumes to where the party is.

There remain a majority of Republicans who rally behind Trump and especially his America-first agenda. Joe Biden recently claimed it was only an outsider “minority” that still supporters Trump. He better check again.

Biden represents a group of people who want to make America last. He bows to the globalist elite, corrupt people who want to get rich at the expense of hard-working Americans. Plenty of Americans are sick and tired of that kind of “leadership” in D.C. And they continue to look to Trump to save them from that swamp.

Don’t be surprised to see Tshibaka–who already was winning in the polls–secure her future as an Alaskan senator. The outcome of this race will set the tone for every other in 2022.

Author: Pete Smith