Biden Official Supported Ecoterrorism Involving Kids

Tracy Stone-Manning, Biden’s nominee to head the Bureau of Land Management, wrote in her thesis that Americans should work for population control to help the environment.

Stone-Manning has recently come under criticism for her connection to a tree spiking event – an ecoterrorist technique – in the 1980s, where she gave her testimony for legal immunity.

But her previous connections to ecoterrorists are not the only controversial thing in her past. In her thesis, a copy of which was obtained at by reporters, Stone-Manning also pushed for Americans to have only two kids to protect the environment.

“The source of our harm is us. If there were less of us, we would do less harm., she says in her thesis, which was first pointed by conservatives on Thursday. “We should consume less, and even more so, we should breed less consuming humans.”

Stone-Manning created a set of eight ads for her thesis that centered on the issues of overgrazing and overpopulation.

One ad calls a child an “environmental hazard” and urged Americans to just have two children.

“The earth is only so large, and we can’t use it forever. In America, we use it a lot., Stone-Manning’s ad says. “When we overpopulate, the earth struggles. Stop with two. It might be your best gift to the earth.”

“The point is simple., Stone-Manning wrote. “These ads reveal that the earth can’t afford Americans. Or more gently, they ask Americans to think about their family choices in connection to the planet.”

Stone-Manning has previously come under sharp opposition from conservatives for her connections to an ecoterrorist plot.

In 1993, she was granted legal immunity in exchange for her admission that she sent an anonymous message to the U.S. Forest Service on behalf of her former friend, John P. Blount.

The letter informed the Forest Service that 500 pounds of “spikes around 10 inches” had been put into the trees of a forest in Idaho. “You bastards go there, a lot of people might get hurt., the note said.

Author: Steven Sinclaire