Leftists Caught Doing The Unthinkable During “Conservative Riot”

Recently published videos prove what Republicans have been saying a while now: that Trump supporters were not along in the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Two leftists found their way inside the Jan. 6 group that went inside the Capitol and later said they informed the FBI how to “infiltrate MAGA rallies.”

The two men are Peter Scattini and Walter Masterson and a quick look through their Twitter feeds show they are, in fact, liberals.

Numerous videos on Scattini’s YouTube reveal him and Masterson — acting as reporters— asking questions to Trump supporters outside the Capitol on that day.

And more video published in February shows Scattini explaining how FBI agents came up to the two men after their Jan. 6 MAGA infiltration.

“They introduced themselves as two FBI agents and one NYPD officer and asked if they could come in and we of course said yes., Scattini said.

“We spoke to them for around an hour, we were not trouble, but it was very weird.”

“Walter was giving them pointers on how to infiltrate Trump’s rallies.”

This connects with a recent claim made by Tucker Carlson that the FBI had agents inside during the Jan. 6 event.

“Strangely, some of the people who were in the protest have not been hit with charges. The feds call them ‘unindicted co-conspirators.’ Now you might wonder, what does this mean?” Carlson said. “It means that possibly they were FBI agents or informants.”

These videos prove bad actors with an agenda infiltrated the Jan. 6th protest.

Perhaps even worse, since this event, the federal government has been focused on targeting Trump supporters who were there at the Capitol on that day.

Meanwhile, concerning the far-left, BLM riots and looting across the nation in 2020 — which undoubtedly lead to more destruction and death — the Biden Administration doesn’t seem to care.

Author: Scott Dowdy