AOC Wants To Make a “Deal” with Criminals – You Can’t Make This Up

The crime wave that started last year with the “defund the police” movement only continues to rise. In fact, San Francisco–which only recently reopened–is seeing record-breaking car robberies.

The reopening of San Francisco, California, means restaurants and hotels are back in business, but criminals have also stepped up their activities, burglarizing cars at a 753 percent higher rate in June over last month…

The number of break-ins also increased 94 percent between April and May of this year, tracking with the city’s gradual reopening from the pandemic…

The most recent data for the Central District, through June 6, shows that 2,048 cars were looted so far this year, compared with 858 through the same period of 2020 — an increase of nearly 139 percent. Park District, home to part of Golden Gate Park, saw about a 3% increase. [Source: Breitbart]

A general rule of thumb, these days, is: if you live in a city run by Democrats, don’t own anything nice. Because, chances are, criminals will rob you for it.

In fact, some cities are telling people to just let criminals take their stuff. There aren’t enough cops to deal with the surges in crime, that people are totally defenseless. Meanwhile, criminals face nearly zero penalties. Cops aren’t around to arrest them, and no bail laws mean they are out on the street even if they are arrested.

You don’t have to be a genius to see this is a growing epidemic. The media has successfully painted cops as evil monsters. Even in the cities that don’t defund cops, the demoralization is leading to record numbers of police resigning.

Yet, there are some Democrats who continue to ignore the issue. In fact, idiot-in-chief, AOC not only wants more police defunding, but she also claims the surge in crime isn’t being overhyped.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) doubled down on defunding police this week, asserting the crime surge is just “hysteria” and that making “responsible decisions about what [funds] to allocate” away from police departments is “important.”

Ocasio-Cortez continued to say the establishment media is perpetuating “this idea of crime” surging throughout America. [Source: Breitbart]

AOC, to prop up her toxic agenda, claims that the media helping cops by spreading this “idea of crime.” Uh… what? Crime is crime, no matter how you slice. But this woman–who is obviously out of touch with reality–seems to think that it isn’t crime unless the media claims that it is.

Tell that to the victims of shootings, muggings, break ins, and other heinous acts of violence. I wonder if AOC would have that same opinion, if she were the victim of “this idea”?

It’s getting so bad that some Democrats are trying to portray themselves as pro-law and order in defiance of AOC. Some of them claim they are the only party trying to fund the police. That’s rich.

Others are claiming Republicans in the Senate refused to vote for funding local communities including law enforcement. Another lie. Republicans proposed pro-police legislation last year. It was blocked by Senate Democrats using the filibuster.

As calls for defunding cops spread last year, Democrats in D.C. were in agreement with idiots like AOC. They encouraged local cities to slash PD budgets, leading to the crisis we see today.

Anyone claiming otherwise is a liar. The Democrats are in lockstep with AOC, who blatantly ignores this so to be out of control crisis.

Author: Tim Jones