This News Dispersed An Antifa Riot In Minutes

A black police officer in Portland fired shots at a white man who ran at him with a screwdriver. And it seems antifa was sent the wrong information. At least 50 rioters were at the Motel 6 where the cop shot the person, supposedly preparing for a violent riot for the sake of racial justice. The Portland Police, likely wanting to de-escalate the situation, went to Twitter with the vital news that would bring peace: The victim was the white guy.

“There is bad information being spread on social media about the officer involved in the shooting. We do confirm the person involved was a white male. No one else was hurt,” the Portland police said on Twitter in the morning hours on Friday.

Crisis avoided, it seems. Had the victim been black and the cop white, his name would likely have been thrown into the mix with George Floyd, Michael Brown, and others. But since the man was white, his death was deemed acceptable by antifa.

After this shooting, Portland announced an investigation was happening. The dept. put the officer who fired the fatal shot on paid administrative leave, which is the usual practice, The Oregonian reported.

“During this investigation, a crowd of rioters went to the crime scene and started yelling and throwing things at officers, and trying to interrupt the officers’ investigation,” Portland police said in their news release. “An officer’s baton was grabbed and that officer was pulled into the crowd. Other officers jumped in to stop the rioters. Someone within the crowd pepper sprayed one officer. A police squad car’s tires were slashed and had a window broken.”

The rioters were dressed in the antifa black bloc outfits and carried antifa signs.

The police released the details about the victim being white. It remains unclear if this information caused the crowd to disperse, but the press release does not mention more violence after the report was put out.

Author: Steven Sinclaire