Trump Ally Flips, Spreads Heaping Pile Of Lies About Former President

Former A.G. William Barr has spoken out against former President Trump during an interview that was published this Sunday, saying that his claims of election fraud was “bulls**t.”

Talking to ABC anchor Jonathan Karl during his interview that was released in The Atlantic, Barr said that he believed Trump would lose the election and had, “already decided it was very unlikely that evidence existed that would change the outcome of the election.”

“My take was: It was put-up or shut-up,” Barr said to Karl about the fraud allegations. “If there were evidence, I had no reason to censor it. But my belief all along was there was nothing there. It was just all bulls**t.”

Barr also said that voting machines were looked into — and they contained zero evidence of fraud.

“We realized from the start it was bulls**t,” Barr said. “It is a counting machine, and everything that was counted was saved. So you just compare the two. There was not a single discrepancy reported, and I’m still not aware of a discrepancy.”

In fact, Barr revealed that when Trump confronted him over his publicly saying that fraud could not be supported, he responded to him that “no self-respecting attorney” would support the claims of fraud.

“You have just five weeks, Mr. President, to make any challenges after an election,” Barr said. “This would have required a crack legal team with a disciplined plan. But you have a clown show. No self-respecting attorney will get near this. It’s a complete joke.”

Barr also said to Karl that Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), the then-Senate Majority Leader, repeatedly requested that Barr speak out against Trump’s claims, saying they would hurt the Republican’s chances of keeping control of the Senate.

Karl’s interview with William Barr is a part his new book called “Betrayal,” which will be out in November.

Author: Scott Dowdy