Biden Caught Spying On Conservative Media Legend

In an explosive and shocking claim, Fox News host Tucker Carlson this Monday accused the Biden White House of spying on him using the National Security Agency (NSA) by watching his texts and emails.

“Yesterday we got a warning from a government whistleblower who told us the NSA is watching our digital communications and is intending to leak them with the goal of taking this show off the air,” Carlson revealed on his recent show.

“The Biden White House is signaling a very blunt change to federal policy,” Carlson said. “The War Against Terror has changed in its goals. The War Against Terror is now being carried out on Americans, opponents of the Washington regime. We saw this on Jan. 6. We told you before, based on what was said in certain indictments, that the FBI knew about the events at the Capitol before they happened, and the agents we talked to confirmed this was true: ‘The FBI had sources in the crowd — confidential sources. That is 100% certain.’”

Carlson then went into his explosive charge that Biden was spying on him:

“But it is not only protesters the White House is spying on. Yesterday we got word from a whistleblower inside the federal government who warned us that the NSA is watching our communications and wants to leak them to get this show off the air.”

“Now that is a shocking statement and we would be skeptical of it normally. It is illegal for the NSA to spy on Americans,” he said. “It’s a crime and this is not a third world nation. Things like this should not happen here. But unfortunately they are. The whistleblower repeated to us information about a story we are working on that might have only come directly from our texts and emails. There is no other possible source for this information, period.”

“The NSA got this information for political purposes,” Carlson said. “The Biden White House is spying on us. It is now confirmed. We have issued a FOIA request — asking for all details that the NSA have gotten about this show, along with informing the FBI.”

“We do not expect to hear anything back,” Carlson said. “That is normally the way it goes. Only Congress can get transparency on this and they should do it immediately. Spying on the opposition is incompatible with democracy. This is scary and we must stop it right away.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire