Biden Makes Clever Anti-White Maneuver, Proving Trump Right

President Biden is trying to “destroy” American suburbs with his reconciliation infrastructure package, proving that Trump’s prediction was right.

Trump said during his 2020 campaign that Joe Biden wanted “to force low-cost homes into the suburbs, and that would mean ruining these suburbs. It has started already. It has been going on for many years.”

Biden refuted Trump’s claim by saying Trump was “trying to scare people because a lot of suburbanites are now saying they are going to vote for me, that’s what the data suggests, compared to him.”

But Democrats are, in fact, intending to federalize local laws inside the reconciliation package to push out single family homes with low-income, high-rise apartments to demographically over-power whites.

The reconciliation program plans to start the destruction of the suburbs through a measure inside the package called the “HOMES Act,” which wants to put the federal gov. in power over local zoning laws to alter local demographics, changing the already purpling voting districts.

Any local government that does not comply with the new federal zoning measures, meaning “rules that ban apartments from certain areas or set a minimum lot size for single family homes,” HUD will remove funding to that city.

More consequences for cities maintaining their current zoning laws would be to punish them by blocking them from “getting transportation grants of any type if they refuse to allow apartments throughout their suburbs.”

States use federal transportation funds to fix their highways.

The liberal media seems to love the radical-left plan. USA Today said this:

“A house with with a big backyard for a July 4th barbecue might be a part of the American dream, but experts say multifamily zoning is important to fight climate change, racial injustice and the country’s growing affordable housing problem.”

The infrastructure program is now being worked on by lawmakers and liberal along with moderate Democrats and President Biden want to pass it through reconciliation, which is a technique immune to Republican filibuster.

Author: Blake Ambrose