Liberals Can Now Press Charges If You ‘Hurt Their Feelings’ Online

The Michigan Court of Appeals has decided that hurting the feelings of a liberal can be seen as a terrorist act and punished by up to 20 years in prison, which has led to a response from lawmakers who are concerned about the severe implications this has on Americans’ 1st Amendment rights.

“The issue is not if the defendant actually made a terrorist threat. Rather, the question is whether, using these facts, the defendant can be charged. The issue before us is about whether a social media post can constitute a ‘real threat,’” the court of appeals said in their ruling that puts conservatives within the state at risk.

This ruling is concerning the case of Lucas Gerhard, a college student who was jailed for 83 days because a fellow classmate was triggered by a photo of a rifle he published online. The court said that it did not matter if the very emotional liberal who went to police was not supposed to even get the photo. This might give the green light for liberals to report any post to police to compel terrorism charges in the state.

Because of this ruling, Republican Michigan Rep. John Reilly (Lake Orion) will be proposing a new law that will fix the problem and make sure no other conservative will be hit and have their rights broken in a similar fashion as Gerhard did.

Activist leaders are urging people to organize on Wednesday at a Michigan court house for a press conference in favor of Reilly’s new bill and also to bring awareness to Gerhard’s legal battle.

“Last Friday, the court effectively deleted the First Amendment safeguards of every citizen of Michigan when it ruled that your speech might be considered a felony – based not on your speech, but on how any left-wing lunatic wants to interpret it,” said Adam de Angeli of the Rescue Michigan Coalition.

Author: Scott Dowdy