Biden’s “Defund The Police” Narrative Just Got Blown Out Of The Water

As violent crime keeps going up, with bodies piling up in Democrat-ran cities across the nation, the Biden Administration and the Democratic Establishment are gaslighting American citizens by trying to change the defunding the police narrative on Republicans.

This week, WH Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates put out a comment saying that President Biden is a defender of police while slamming Trump and Republicans.

“The President won on his platform of giving more funding for police, against a person who not only tried to remove the COPS program but who also stopped vital resources which are needed to stop the laying off of officers during a time of rising crime. The President, with the support of top police groups, secured the money that Trump was against. And every GOP member voted against this,” Bates said.

“They continue to oppose Biden’s American Rescue Plan even though it is helping with the rehiring of police. The President is also keeping his pledge to fight for the money for the COPS program, as a vital part of his complete approach to the higher crimes rate that he inherited, creating new prevention programs and solving the root sources.”

But Biden’s personnel picks in the form of Kristen Clarke and Vanita Gupta to top positions at the Dept. of Justice supports the idea that he backs the Defund The Police movement.

Clarke, who now is leading the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division as assistant A.G., is a staunch backer of Black Lives Matter and the agenda of defunding police departments. This was brought up during her confirmation hearing.

Gupta, who is currently associate attorney general, said it was “essential” to remove police budgets.

While Democrats try hard to rewrite their history of increasing violent crime and defunding police departments, the record is clearly on the side of conservatives.

Author: Scott Dowdy