Kamala Panics After Office Staff Leak Her Darkest Secret

VP Kamala Harris’ office is an abusive and toxic mess where “workers are tossed under the bus by the very top,” according to 22 former and current staffers, officials and associates of Biden and Harris.

In a Politico article reminiscent of a 2019 NY Times in which over fifty former and current staffers spoke about her dysfunctional campaign, Harris along with Tina Flournoy, her Chief of Staff, are criticized for having an office with “low morale and diminished trust.”

“It starts at the top,” said one official, speaking anonymously, as all the others did too.

“People are tossed under the bus from the top, it’s a short fuse and abusive place,” said another person with insider knowledge about the VP’s office. “It’s not a healthy place and people usually feel mistreated. It’s not somewhere people feel supported but instead feel treated like shit.”

As Politico says, “The dysfunction in the VP’s office threatens to make the White House’s image as one comprised of a closely-connected group of pros working together to advance the president’s plans. It’s bad enough that people within the president’s team have noticed and are concerned about how Harris’ workers are treated.”

Harris’ spokesperson Symone Sanders – an anti-white who mocked a white conservative after he was severely assaulted by black men – and was not selected to be President Biden’s press secretary, pushed back against the large number of reports of problems, saying that Flournoy had an “open door policy,” and that “Black women like me could not work in Washington without people like Flournoy.”

Sanders also called the anonymous people “cowards.”

“We are not creating rainbows. What I hear is these people have difficult jobs and I say ‘welcome to the club,'” Sanders said. “We have formed a culture where anyone can raise any issue, there are ways for them to do so. Whoever has something to say, they should say it directly.”

Author: Blake Ambrose