Trump Doesn’t Mince Words After NY Fumbles New Election System

Yesterday, we learned all about how the New York Democrat mayor primary was thrown into chaos. Their new “rank choice” election system was marred, after 135,000 ballots had to be removed from the official tally. Apparently, those were fake ballots used in the testing phase, but were not erased before the real election.

That mistake has thrown the entire system into doubt. Voters are growing more and more concerned that their election results are not accurate. It’s hard to blame them, when they watched the primary results change to dramatically, after 135,000 “votes” were removed.

And let’s not forget this comes after the disaster that was the 2020 Election. Regardless of what the media claims, we know just how flawed, confused, and sloppy that election was. And it doesn’t seem that, in some states, it’s gotten any better.

Now, Donald Trump is weighing in on New York.

Former President Donald Trump highlighted the election in New York City on Wednesday as another example of faulty American elections, calling for additional security reforms.

“Check out the New York election today, by the way, they just realized it’s a disaster,” Trump said. “They’re unable to count the votes.”…

Trump described the test ballots in New York as “make-believe” votes and questioned the integrity of elections across the country.

“We better get our elections straightened out because you’re going to have a runaway country. You’re going to have a banana republic; you’re going to have a third world country here pretty soon,” he said. “Because our elections are a mess.” [Source: Breitbart]

Trump was referring to the kind of rampant fraud that occurs in corrupt, dictatorial regimes. In third world countries, power hungry tyrants stage mock elections every few years. The entire process is a sham, with real votes essentially non-existent. The corrupt regime ensures the sitting president receives a “landslide win,” thanks to obviously forged ballots.

The 45th president is warning that this same thing is starting to happen in America, pointing to the many “mistakes” and “irregularities” that have occurred in recent elections. Can we really be sure those 135,000 fake ballots were mistakenly kept in? Or did someone along the line knowingly leave them in the tally? Only when they were found did officials claim they simply forgot?

It would be very easy for a crooked official to manipulate an election, claiming “irregularities” were to blame. They could then “fix” those irregularities, while still masking other attempts to cheat the system.

Trump warns that unless we secure our election systems, we won’t have a democracy. And he’s not saying this for his benefit. Every election, from state to state, will be tainted if Democrats are allowed to play these games.

He claimed that if you don’t have good elections, “you don’t have a country.” But that’s exactly what Democrats want. The more chaos, confusion, and corruption that exists within our elections, the easier time they’ll have of stealing power.

Author: Mark Witherson