AOC Issues Another Ludicrous Conspiracy About Republicans

That Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been an anti-American hysteric since she got to Washington is not a secret. She loves hyperbole and gross exaggeration.

Perhaps things are too quiet in D.C. for her liking so she decided to spice things up a bit.

No names or proof — only a charge of treason designed to get her Twitter followers mad at Republicans.

For the record, the DOJ, the Capitol Police, the FBI, and Congress itself have investigated the riot for over six months and have not yet turned up any proof that any Republican was connected to the planning or executing of the attack. There has been nothing found between the planers and any GOP member of Congress.

Some time after the Capitol event, 34 Dems penned a letter asking the DOJ and the Capitol Police to investigate assertions that GOP members of Congress helped the rioters by allowing them to have a tour of the Capitol in the days before the riot. These charges were made by DNC Congressman Mikie Sherrill, who said unnamed lawmakers knowingly allowed “reconnaissance” by the rioters during the tours.

AOC understands that no GOP lawmaker would ever hurt her. But that has not prevented her from broadly hinting that she thought they would.

Since January, AOC has routinely said that her and other Democrats don’t feel safe being around certain Republicans, including those who have voiced support for “conspiracy theories” such as QAnon and “lies” about the fraud of the presidential election.

There is no penalty for spreading false rumors about Republicans. Democrats will eventually find a way to make it seem as though Donald Trump not only planned the riot, but that GOP members of Congress actually helped to carry it out. This will then be used to further expand Democratic power in DC and America.

Author: Scott Dowdy