Democrats Ramp Up Spending To Uncharted Levels – But This State Says No

Joe Biden made no qualms about telling Americans he’ll raise their taxes. Stupidly, people voted for him.

It’s clear that Biden wants to be the next FDR—a social president who will radically expand the federal government and increase the welfare state. To do this, he needs trillions of dollars. And those dollars are going to come from hard-working Americans.

The left might promise to tax only the wealthy, but that never ends up being the case. (After all, why would Democrats punish their own rich donors?) Tax increase always fall on the working and middle class, hard-working families who can’t afford more of their money being taken away.

But as Joe works on trying to rob Americans blind, one state is actually working overtime to cut back on its tax burden.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has set the wheels in motion for the largest personal income tax cut in the state’s 109-year history…

“Each and every Arizona taxpayer, no matter their income, will experience a tax cut under our historic tax reform. That means job creators will continue to choose our state to expand operations, working families will get to decide how they spend more of their hard-earned dollars, and those who served our nation will rightfully keep more of their own money.” [Source: Just the News]

Arizona will be introducing a 2.5% flat tax that will replace their current 4.5% progressive system. The governor has made it clear that this move is intended to attract business owners who are looking for low-tax states to move to.

It’s no secret that workers and businesses are fleeing high-tax blue states for greener pastures. States like California, New York, Illinois and more are watching people leave in droves. The reason has a lot to do with the heavy taxes these states are imposing on their people. Many are flocking to states like Texas and Florida, which happen to have no state income tax.

But Arizona does have an income tax—which could mean fewer people want to flee there than other conservative states. So, it’s pretty shred of Gov. Ducey to find a way to lower that burden, to make Arizona more competitive.

Isn’t it fun being a conservative state? You can actually do things like make you state more attractive to businesses and residents. Arizona is in a position to lower taxes to attract newcomers, because of its Republican legislature and governor.

Meanwhile, blue states can’t even figure out how to get homeless off their streets. They are more concerned with virtue signaling, making sure everyone knows how woke they are, than to make sure their residents aren’t drowning.

Maybe that’s why a mass exodus is happening from the West Coast?

Normally, I’d say this move by Arizona will motivate other states to do the same. It could be possible that other red states will seek to cut taxes. But many of them already have low taxes. The only states that can follow Arizona’s lead are states that love taxing their people into oblivion.

And something tells me it’ll be a cold day in July before they do that.

Author: August Simpleton