Watch: Biden Needs Notecards Just To Do This

President Biden went to King Orchards store to purchase a pie or two during his trip through Michigan to sell his new infrastructure plan.

While he was there he was asked about the huge ransomware attack and said that “we do not know yet” if the Russians had a part in it. But even for this short response, Biden was forced to resort to his notes. It just shows how far he has declined.

The journalist who asked this question did not say anything about how insane pulling out a note to answer the question was. The media did not even report this as an issue. They were honed in on the crucial things. Like what pies Biden bought and what ice cream he ate in Michigan.

When he got to the Moomers Ice Cream shop, they were all giddy, with Biden getting his favorite flavor and his two scoops.

He was essentially shoving ice cream down his mouth and one of the Secret Service guys had a funny reaction to Biden’s behaviour. He was maybe hoping he wasn’t going to have to do the heimlich maneuver on him if he started choking.

Imagine what the media would have done with this ice cream if that had been President Trump? We would be hearing about what a greedy pig he was. Now it is just endearing.

Even without this photo, notice how different the news is now on Biden’s ice cream verses news about Trump eating two scoops.

Now, I understand their mission is to only give softballs to Biden and smooth over all the negatives, to show him as a pleasant old dude who simply eats ice cream. But this is very embarrassing. This is not journalism, it’s stenography. It’s essentially writing a press release for Biden. Your job should be to question and keep people in power accountable, not behaving like Democratic operatives.

Author: Blake Ambrose