Biden’s Hatred For Natural-Born Americans Reaches a Boiling Point

Immigrants built the USA, saved the country from the covid disease, and are behind the landing of the new NASA spaceship on Mars, President Biden told a crowd of brand new immigrants as he spoke at their naturalization.

“You know it is the dreams of immigrants like yourselves that created America and kept injecting new vitality and new strength,” Biden said to the immigrants during an event in D.C. “We have seen that mostly during this virus, with immigrants as the workers and scientists on the frontlines of researching vaccines.”

“Immigration was always vital to America,” Biden said.

These casual insults to American citizens and their kids as not enough are common in the capital of America, which is often said to be as a “nation of immigrants” by pro-open borders groups. An exact catch phrase that is also used to excuse open borders in Sweden by these same anti-white globalists.

During his speech, Biden also said immigrants helped to also fulfill the highest goals of the Declaration of Independence:

“We were founded on the idea that we are all equal, this idea has been aided by the sacrifices and contributions of many individuals — almost all of which were immigrants.”

Biden also stated that immigrants were behind NASA’s newest mars exploration mission: “The team was comprised of immigrants who informed me they grew up staring at the stars. That is what they informed me in our discussion.”

Biden even gave thanks to the immigrants for moving to this country: “So I wish to thank everyone here for choosing America, and I mean that truly. Thank you for deciding to move to the USA, believing that we are worthy of your aspirations and dreams.”

Biden’s border leader, Alejandro Mayorkas, also went to this naturalization for 21 people. Immigration “is what makes America great,” said Maytorkas in a tweet that dismissed 285 million natural born Americans. Mayorkas is an open border zealot and is an immigrant himself who came from Cuba.

Author: Scott Dowdy