Democrats Try To Pull a Fast One On Voter ID — No One Is Buying It

Democrat Whip James Clyburn (SC) has claimed to have “always” supported voter ID even though he has previously likened such election security measures to Jim Crow.

During his appearance on CNN, talking about Senator Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) proposal to the radical left’s “For the People” Act, the lawmaker said he supported voter ID.

“When I first decided to vote at 21-years-old – I got a registration card and I always gave that card to vote. And that is voter ID,” Clyburn said.

“We are always in favor of voter ID. We are not for disproportionate ID,” he said.

“When you say that a picture ID from a student is not good enough but a hunting license is enough, that is where the rub is,” he said.

Clyburn’s previous comments seem to show otherwise. In 2012, he slammed South Carolina’s voter ID measures as “being like Jim Crow laws,” as reported by UPI at the time. He made a new comparison just recently, claiming that Georgia’s new election safeguards were the “new Jim Crow.”

“I say just look at history, and it is there. What’s on someone’s mind when you rule that we will deny voting places, we will remove some ballot drop boxes, we understand this will lead to long lines? It’s not what they say they intend it is what the result is. They can claim whatever they want. Just look at history, and you will understand what is happening with Jim Crow.”

Notably, Georgia’s new election law actually expands ballot access — a point usually ignored by the liberal media.

In Oct. 2020, Clyburn also said voter ID measures were a type of “voter suppression”

Clyburn is not the only liberal to make these claims. Last month, Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock (GA) said he had “never been against voter ID,” despite hitting the “discriminatory voter ID laws” as “subversive” and “secretive” in the past.

Author: Steven Sinclaire