Poll Discovers What Americans Really Think About Biden’s Health

President Biden does not exactly support the idea that he is in charge of Washington. Watching his speeches will give you the impression he is one fry short of a happy meal. His team and the media can all make excuses for him if they want, but between his outbursts and controlled question taking, Biden’s not selling us on him being the decision-maker.

The Trafalgar Group wished to see how many people are not convinced that Joe Biden is leading the decision making process, and of course, they found that most people in America think Biden is not leading, but is instead, following.

56.5% of Americans do not think that President Biden is completely executing his duties, while only 36.4% think he is directing his own agenda

Barack Obama’s own doctor has recently stressed that something is not right about Biden and urged him to undergo a cognitive test.

So the question must be asked. If Biden is this terrible at this start of his term, then how terrible will he be when reelection nears? Will he even be able to do so?

An even bigger problem than that will also trouble the Democrats.

It will be hard to get away from the truth that Democrats forced a man who was not capable of standing there on his feet and has to be controlled by other people. The media will work extra hard to convince people that Biden has total control of his faculties, which will start becoming increasingly more difficult as time goes on, placing Americans in the uneasy spot of wanting to know who their leader really is. A distrust will come from this, throwing another roadblock into the path of Democrats just as elections near.

If just 37 percent of Democrats do not believe Biden is really in charge, then it is unlikely that most of Americans will be willing to vote for him yet again, if he gets that far. What is more, this distrust of Democrats will also change other races including the midterms.

Only time will tell, and the midterms will likely reveal a lot to us.

Author: Blake Ambrose