Biden’s Former Ally Turns On a Dime – Reveals a Stunning Truth

From the moment Joe Biden entered office, we knew something was wrong. Yes, putting all that 2020 Election fraud aside, we were at least told Joe was going to be a moderate who would work with both parties.

That was yet another lie.

Joe Biden has refused to cooperate with Republicans. He has forced his agenda through Congress, getting a bloated “stimulus” bill passed that hurt our economy. The one time a bipartisan group managed to cobble together an infrastructure bill, Joe vowed to veto it if Republicans didn’t bend the knee.

Clearly, something is wrong with Joe. He is not the compromiser he promised to be. Even Lindsey Graham, who served with Joe for years in the Senate, has previously questioned Biden’s radical change. He once said he doesn’t even recognize Joe anymore.

Now, the Republican is passing a stark indictment against Joe’s first six months.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) says he has been “amazed at how badly” the first six months of President Joe Biden’s term has gone, citing growing problems both foreign and domestic.

“The border is in chaos. Afghanistan is teetering. China is rearing its head. Inflation is growing because we’re spending so much money that’s not paid for,” Graham said in an interview with Fox News. “You see lawlessness in the streets, the cops do not feel supported.”…

“I don’t see any effort by the Biden Administration to adjust their policies on the border,” he said. “They seem to be doubling down on policies that are failing.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Graham slammed Biden’s failures on nearly every issue. It seems like Biden has the opposite of the Midas touch: everything he touches withers and dies.

The senate hit Joe for his decisions on the border, China, Afghanistan, inflation, the surge in crime, and other foreign issues. Sen. Graham appears genuinely shocked that Biden can’t even get on decision right.

Graham also warned about Joe’s decision to pull troops from Afghanistan too quickly. He also took issue with Biden’s support of Iran, and his unwillingness to confront Russia.

Now, you may think that Graham’s words are just the usual Republican rhetoric. But this senator, while a strong conservative, has long worked with Democrats to get deals done. He was an associate of Biden’s while he was a senator. And he has no reason to sling mud, given his strong position within the Senate.

So, for Graham to be so brutal against Biden shows that moderates on both sides are withdrawing their support. Biden has failed the country again and again, and just in a few months.

Just think of it: Biden had a chance to get both Republicans and Democrats on board with his vision. He could have one-upped Trump by working across the aisle.

Instead, he’s burned bridges, squandered our recovery, and lied again and again. That’s is why Graham is roasting him so badly.

Author: Alexander Smith