Game-Changing Election Investigation Kicks Off

A Pennsylvania GOP lawmaker has requested “information and materials” from numerous counties for a “forensic audit” of the 2020 presidential election, marking the initial step toward forming a copycat of the audit in Arizona.

State Congressman Doug Mastriano, who revealed he was pushed to run for governor by former President Trump, is certain to come against resistance from Dems who have heavily slammed his efforts to question the Nov. contest which featured Biden winning Pennsylvania by over 80,000 votes.

By writing messages to several counties this Wednesday, Mastriano, who is the current leader of the Intergovernmental Operations Committee, is supporting the desires of Trump and other MAGA supporters who have pushed for forensic audits in more states that were stolen thanks to fraud. This is despite officials stating that the elections were secure and the courts refusing numerous lawsuits meant to change the results of the election.

Like in the state of Arizona, post-election investigations by officials have revealed no provable widespread fraud, but many Americans are still calling for more detailed investigations while also questioning several parts of the election, including the technology and voting machines which were used.

Maricopa County officials said last week that the voting equipment that was subpoenaed for the investigation will be taken out of service after Arizona’s secretary of state, Katie Hobbs, a Democrat, threatened to decertify the devices.

Letters were sent to three counties, Mastiano said in his Wednesday interview, but there might be more in mind if “sufficient evidence” of “corruption or fraud” is discovered.

“We have requested that these counties respond by July 31 with a blueprint to comply,” Mastriano said. “The counties represent different political makeups within the state of Pennsylvania. Some are Republican and others are Democrat, so this will be a very balanced audit.”

Mastriano had a private briefing for his Republican colleagues in the state Senate recently, and he got legal advice from a law firm about the Republican caucus using private money to fund lawyers and consultants.

Mastriano stated that an audit is needed because “millions of Pennsylvanians are in serious doubt about the certainly of the 2020 General Election.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire