RINO Turncoat Makes The Ultimate Anti-MAGA Move

Critical race theory public opponent Christopher Rufo has said in a recent podcast with liberal Dave Rubin that he wishes for the conservative movement in 2021 and beyond to copy the neoconservative revolution of the 70s.

“The brasstacks is that some liberals, mainstream liberals, they must form an alliance with us to stop this,” Rufo said.

“And I’m telling all my friends who are Center-Left to come over and make an alliance at least on these critical topics with us inside the conservative movement, and I believe there is precedent,” he said.

“If you look at the 70s, who became the neoconservatives? These were NY City intellectuals, many liberals, and in certain cases even Far-Left, and then they were caught by reality, and then they moved to the Right and turned into top members of this big tent sort of conservative group. The same thing must happen today,” Rufo said.

He also spoke about how he refused to vote for Donald Trump back in 2016 and only began to warm to Trump after the former president started to become aware of CRT and started supporting Rufo’s work.

“I did not vote for the president back in 2016. I had a lot of reservations about his character and some his policies,” he said.

Rufo wants conservatives to repeat the same pattern that caused America to go into trillions of dollars in debt, get into endless wars, open borders, and literally get nothing except the profits for large corporations that will sell us all out as soon as they can.

He is also gatekeeping against any American who he and his bankrollers feel are too much to the Right and ensuring sure that the Anti-Whitism of CRT is ignored in exchange for his weak talking points that are approved by Conservative Inc.

While Rufo got some good scoops exposing CRT, he is probably got those scoops for a good reason. He is the controlled opposition that Conservative Inc. is using to keep the anti-CRT movement from turning into consciousness and eventually taking back our nation from the human rodents who have seized it.

Author: Blake Ambrose