Former Clinton Adviser Enrages Democrats With Pro-Trump Prediction

To hear a top former Clinton aide say that the results of the 2024 election are essentially “preordained”:

Thanks to President Biden’s bad performance and at least three new major issued that are going to get voters’ attention, a GOP president is going to be in office after Americans go to the polls just four Novembers from today.

And if the GOP nominee is Trump, it is a lock.

That is the comforting prediction from Dick Morris, the campaign strategist and pollster who aided Clinton’s re-election campaign back in 1996.

Now a commentator who has long since broke off contact with the Democratic family that led leftist politics for two decades, Morris is a firm backer of Trump who predicted on Thursday that Donald Trump’s return to power is all but guaranteed.

“If Trump runs, and I am pretty sure he will, he is going to win the GOP nomination, without a doubt,” Morris stated in a video published to his website this Thursday.

The impeachment — twice — by Pelosi’s Dem-controlled House of Representatives, the even more cynical indictment of Trump’s company are only some examples of how strong Donald Trump is, Morris said.

“He got through two impeachments, and his organization is going to survive a crazy indictment, and God knows what else they are going to try to do to him,” he said.

“But even if he is in jail, he will could win the GOP nomination.”

Morris mentioned new polling results put out by by pollster John McLaughlin in June that revealed Trump reigning over a field of 15 possible Republican candidates, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former VP Mike Pence.

Trump crushed the whole group with 55 percent rating. His nearest competitor was DeSantis at only 9 percent.

“You will see it in the 2022 primaries, where all of the people he endorses will win the GOP primaries,” he said. “And you see it already in the scraping by so-called ‘moderate’ GOP members to beg Donald Trump for his forgiveness and ask for his endorsement so they can win their primaries.”

That’s the Republican midterms. When it comes time for the general election, Morris predicts that Trump will win hands down.

“The Dem Party is doing such a good job destroying itself, there is no way that they will win in 2024,” Morris said. “It won’t matter who the GOP candidate is, he will win.”

Author: Scott Dowdy