Joe Is Desperately Trying To Keep Hunter’s New ‘Project’ a Secret

You gotta hand it to Hunter Biden. Let it never be said he doesn’t know how to pivot.

Once upon a time, the man with no experience in energy got a sweet job at a Ukrainian energy company. Oh, it just happened to be during a time his father was vice president.

On top of that, Hunter got millions of dollars in investments from Chinese businesses. Did he have anything the Chinese wanted? No, but his father, Vice President Joe Biden, was at the time negotiating with the communist government. How convenient.

But, Hunter’s no fool. Now that his dad is the “president,” he can’t keep running his old grifts. Hunter pivoted again, this time discovering his inner artist. The man with zero artistic experience suddenly slapped together paintings. Will he sell them for charity? Of course not silly, for himself.

Don’t worry though, the White House will be keeping the names of buyers a secret. So, we’ll never know who spent millions on Hunter’s garbage art.

Even an Obama ally is trashing this b-s.

Former President Obama’s ethics chief blasted the White House’s ethics plan around the sale of Hunter Biden’s artwork…

Walter Shaub, Obama’s former ethics chief, eviscerated the White House in a Twitter thread, saying the administration is trying to “make sure we will never know” who the buyers are.

“So instead of disclosing who is paying outrageous sums for Hunter Biden’s artwork so that we could monitor whether the purchasers are gaining access to government, the WH tried to make sure we will never know who they are,” Shaub wrote while linking to the Post’s report. “That’s very disappointing.” [Source: Fox News]

The White House claims that not even Hunter will know who is buying his paintings, because it will be handled by a private art dealer. Oh! There’s no way this dealer won’t tell Hunter nor Joe Biden. Especially when, according to Shaub, this industry is “fertile ground” for money laundering and that these buyers can just tell the White House what they did!

How stupid does Joe and Hunter think we are? This is clearly a scheme to launder money into the Biden family. Hunter—the family’s crime lackey—paints a bunch of ugly paintings. “Art buyers” (who could be anyone from around the world) buy these paintings for millions.

That money is shared among the family, with Joe Biden getting his cut. These buyers then contact the White House one way or another and get favors from the administration.

Sound far-fetched? When was the last time a businessman in his 50s suddenly becomes a professional artist?

This scheme is so blatant, it’s disgusting. If Joe Biden was really concerned with how this looks, he would prevent Hunter from doing it at all. Make him give the paintings away—why does he need to sell them?

But we know what’s really going on. The real crime is that anyone doesn’t see it for what it is.

Author: Sam Tillerson