Round Two: Team Biden Makes COVID Tyranny Standard Again

Speaking to journalists at the White House this week, Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki expressed that conservative criticisms of the Biden White House’s door-to-door covid vaccination drive are a “disservice to the nation and Americans.”

“What is important for many people to understand…is the government does not have a database of who has gotten vaccinated. That isn’t the government’s role. We do not keep a database concerning these topics and have no desire to. We do know what the vaccination rates across the nation are and we know, as I just showed in some of the information, that there are some tactics that are impactful and powerful,” Psaki said. “I will say the one thing that is somewhat frustrating to us is when some people are critical of these techniques, it is really a disservice to the nation and to the faith leaders, doctors, community leaders and other people who are working to get vaccinations. This is about preventing deaths and stopping the pandemic.”

“These are grassroots movements across the nation. They are not a part of the government. They are not employees of the federal government, they are volunteers,” she said.

Before this briefing, HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra said it was “absolutely” the government’s business to know if a person has gotten vaccinated.

“It is absolutely the government’s business, it is the business of taxpayers, if we need to keep spending money to try and keep people from catching COVID,” he claimed during his interview with CNN.

This comes at a time when more Americans are becoming more aware of forceful, top-down policies concerning anti-white curriculum in America’s school classrooms, along with greater discrimination against conservatives and Christians through the IRS and other means.

So it’s not surprising that the Biden Administration has made an attempt to walk back their drive to coerce vaccinations onto Americans. Although they should inform Becerra about what their current public opinion is.

With more grass-roots movements and organizations springing up from angry conservatives all over the nation, now is not the time to push too far.

Author: Steven Sinclaire