FBI Steals a Tactic From Communist KGB, Then Brags About It On Twitter

The federal government of America has gotten even more creepy ever since Biden was installed as the president. There is a lust for federal power on the Left that has grown immense, especially after January 20th. It was getting out of hand last year when the pandemic was in full swing. We have witnessed the uncomfortable sights of almost half the nation willingly giving up their freedoms and applauding government control over their lives.

It is getting much harder by the day to recognize our nation. As one example, here is a little gem from the FBI’s official Twitter account:

These graphics look as though they were done in Soviet propaganda in the ’70s.

I have repeatedly said that Trump’s greatest failure was not removing these leftist loons from the FBI. The organization that is responsible for domestic security is letting its priorities get established by an anti-white narrative that completely ignores and avoids the real threats to America.

The document that the tweet above links to was penned in 2019 and goes all-out on the liberal lie about the largest threat to America being a handful of angry white Americans. That lie is the foundation of an ambitious attempt to attack every white person in America who votes Republican as a potential terrorist threat on the verge of committing violence. Democrats cannot make a good case for any of their crazy policies so they continually go to demonizing the group who disagrees with them. It’s all they have.

The vibe from this FBI tweet sent some commie shivers down many people’s spines:

It is beyond unsettling that the FBI believes it’s perfectly acceptable to encourage Americans to act like oppressed masses. This is just one example of the FBI being tone-deaf. There are many others.

The rot inside the FBI was bad when Trump was in Washington, which means it will now get much worse with this commie administration. What Americans really must be on the lookout for are the real threats that the FBI is ignoring while it obsesses over the white dude who’s angry about immigration.

Author: Blake Ambrose