Democrats Try a Pathetic Stunt That Could Get Them All Arrested

At least 58 Democrats from the Texas House are planning to travel out of the state this Monday to block an election reform bill and escape to Washington, D.C., where they will attempt to get support for the passing of the For the People Act.

According to reports, “Most of the members intend to fly to D.C., on two private jets which were charted for the occasion and use their time to get support for new federal voting laws, a source said. Others will travel on their own.”

“The lawmakers are risking arrest in taking flight. Under the Constitution of Texas, the Legislature needs a quorum of two-thirds of lawmakers to operate in either chamber,” the report said.

“Without these lawmakers, they can be legally forced to return to the Capitol, and the source says Democrats expect state GOP members to ask the Dept. of Public Safety to hunt them down.”

“Around 58 Texas Dems are escaping the state to deny GOP members a quorum and stop the vote on Republican-sponsored voter suppression laws,” More Perfect Union said on Twitter. “They are expected to go to D.C. to support Congress in passing the #ForThePeopleAct.”

“Legislation is moving forward in the #txlege that prolongs voting hours & lowers the possibility of fraud using mail-in ballots,” Texas GOP Governor Greg Abbott said on Twitter.

“Texas is making it easier to vote and harder to cheat.”

Gov. Abbott also put out a statement last week unveiling a special legislative session to deal with election security, among other topics.

“The 87th Session was a huge success for Texas people, but we have unfinished worked to guarantee that Texas stays the most exceptional state of America,” Abbott said in a comment.

“Two of our emergency items, along with other vital legislation, did not get to my desk during the normal session, and we have the responsibility to complete the job on behalf of every Texan.”

“This Special Session has crucial and priority items that put the Texas people first and will keep our state on the path to prosperity,” the governor said. “I look forward to working with our partners to pass this legislation as we create a better future for all the people who call Texas home.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire