Trump Rips Obama Apart After He Betrays America

Former President Trump has slammed former President Obama for going to a baseball game along with Cuban Dictator Raúl Castro and backing him as the “Communist Government” had “imprisoned, and killed the Cuban people.”

“Remember when President Obama went to baseball games with Castro while he imprisoned and killed the Cuban people,” Trump said as he gave support for the Cuban people. He said, “I stand with the Cuban citizens 100% in their struggle for freedom.”

Trump stressed that “Huge demonstrations are happening in Cuba in protest of the Communist Government in Cuba.” Trump said not to forget that the Democrats and President Biden last year “campaigned on undoing my very hard stance on Cuba.”

“The Government should let them be free and speak,” Trump said. “Biden MUST stand up to this communist regime or history won’t forget it. The Cubans deserve freedom and true human rights! THEY ARE NOT SCARED!”

In early Dec. of 2016, the last year of the Obama White House, Breitbart News said that Obama’s “normalization” program with Castro had put the Cuban regime in movement toward more than 10,000 politically-linked arrests that year.

The report said that the Cuban Commission for Human Rights, a group on the island, had found 359 politically-linked or arbitrary arrests of dissidents alone, adding to the already 9,484 done so far in the year.

Earlier in 2016, Obama and his family went to a baseball game between a Cuban team and the U.S. Tampa Bay Rays inside Cuba. When Castro and Obama got to the stadium, the crowd cheered. The pair also did the “wave” before the game started along with the Cuban attendees.

While Trump was in the White House, Cuba had thousands less political arrests than when Obama was in Washington. In 2019, there were just 3,157 documented arrests.

Meanwhile, Biden is also coming under fire for not mentioning the Cuban protests until days after. His team had initially put out a comment which seemed to blame the protest on Coronavirus and economic reasons, and not a struggle for freedom. This is a stance that Biden corrected on Monday when he issued a statement of support for the Cuban freedom-fighters.

Author: Scott Dowdy