Another Tantalizing Scandal Puts Biden’s Presidency At Risk

A group of House GOP members have sent a Tuesday letter to the NSA demanding information about accusations of the agency illegally spying on Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

We first got the letter, which was led by GOP Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert and Republican Florida Rep. Bill Posey. In their letter, the two push for the NSA to give them information about accusations that the agency was spying on Tucker Carlson concerning communication with U.S.-based Russia intermediaries regarding a possible interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Axios said. The Axios report mentioned two sources “familiar with Tucker’s communications.”

In June, Carlson revealed that the NSA was spying on him, and watching his confidential emails and texts to try to remove his show off the air.

“It is illegal for the NSA to spy on Americans,” Carlson said. “This is not a third-world nation. Things like this should not happen here.”

The NSA denied these allegations.

The letter was penned by 15 other House GOP members who asked for an assortment of details:


“After the treatment of Trump by the Deep State, it is not a surprise that intel. agencies are continuing their illegal spying of Americans who dare to oppose the power-hungry elites in, D.C.,” Gohmert said in a comment.

“Reports about the NSA spying on Tucker Carlson seem like something you would expect to see in a dictatorship, not in the USA where citizens do have Constitutional rights. The Agency’s efforts to explain itself so far have only led to more questions that Tucker Carlson and all other citizen of this nation deserve to get answered.”

“Spying and leaking the private details of American citizens weaponizes our intel. agencies, and this abuse should stop. Guarding national security is not only about fighting enemy threats, but also involves protecting our liberties,” Posey said.

This comes at a time when Biden seems to have shifted ever further to the left, and as he pushes against the election security laws being passed in Republican states. Laws which he and Democrats oddly call racist even though they will apply to every voter.

Author: Blake Ambrose