America’s Next Catastrophe Comes At The Hands Of George Soros

A Soros-supported NGO that pushes for third-world migrants to flood and destroy Western nations is pushing for “climate refugees” to be resettled into the United States by the millions.

Refugees International put out their paper earlier this week called, “Report to the President About the Climate Crisis and Migration” to make their case for infinity migrants to be forced into the United States The report was made by bureaucrats with a great amount of experience in the DOJ, U.S. State Dept., the United Nations, and top Ivy League colleges.

“The world is going through a climate crisis, with evidence proving that climate change is already changing human mobility. Estimates of the people being forced to migrate are widely varying—and will be affected by policy choices made today,” the report said.

“But there is no doubt that tens of millions of people at least will be displaced through the next three decades because of disaster and other environmental reasons which are affected by climate, with the majority being displaced inside the borders of their own nations,” they said.

This cabal of anti-white globalists is pretty much demanding that the United States take in an overflowing amount of refugees.

“The U.S. has a special need to lead on topics of climate change, displacement and migration. And projections of climate-connected migration are sobering, they are not overstepping the capacity of governments and global organizations to deal with humanely and effectively,” they said.

The climate change nonsense is being used to attack and destroy Western Civilization and especially white people. If Americans are too weak to understand the stupidity of the climate refugee scam and other obvious anti-white agendas, they will be surrounded by some of the most violent people in the world and living in a third-world nation that is far worse than even South Africa.

Trump has spoken many times about the climate refugee nonsense, although it seems like a topic he doesn’t talk about near enough. As Biden pushes for more social relief programs, this will act like an attracter to bring in more migrants, who without a genuine claim for real refugee status given repression or torture, now have their “reason” given to them by Soros himself.

Author: Steven Sinclaire