China Is On The Face Of An International-Level Reckoning

Sixty-three percent of Americans want the Chinese government to pay coronavirus reparations, according to a TIPP survey published on Tuesday.

“That figure goes from 63 percent to 78 percent if ongoing investigations show that the Chinese government unleashed the virus on purpose,” the poll results said.

“While Midwesterners and southerners are most likely to believe the Chinese created the virus and is behind the unleashing of the pandemic,” the survey said, “Americans in the liberal Northeast are the most angry and want to force China to pay reparations if an investigation shows an accidental release from a gov. lab.”

A Politico-Harvard poll showed on July 9 that most Democrats believe the coronavirus came from a lab in China.

“The new poll reveals 52 percent think the virus was sourced from a lab, including 52 percent of Democrats and 59 percent of Republicans, while 28 percent voted that it came from an infected animal,” the survey revealed.

The number is an uptick from March of last year, when just “29 percent of people thought the virus was made in a Chinese lab and unleashed either intentionally or accidentally.”

The uptick could be in connection to a WSJ news article on May 23 showing a report that “researchers went to the hospital in Nov. 2019, right before the confirmed outbreak.”

Federal officials have since started a probe into how the NIH “ monitors and manages” its continuing grant program to foreign labs, like the one in Wuhan.

Then on July 2, the White Coat Waste Project put out a study revealing that in 2020, the NIH spent around $140 million of aid in at least 29 nations.

The probe will possibly include Peter Daszak, the president of EcoHealth, who thanked Dr. Fauci in April of last year for dismissing the theory that covid-19 might have come from a lab, emails reveal.

Though Fauci admitted the NIH funded the Chinese lab, he is denying “gain of function” work connected to bats or other species.

Republican Senator Rand Paul (KY) slammed Fauci for this, saying that Fauci committed perjury and lied when he made the comments.

Author: Steven Sinclaire