Americans Scream “We Don’t Want It” As Democrats Push For Easy Voter Fraud

No matter what you believe about the 2020 Election, it’s safe to say it wasn’t our proudest moment as a country. You can ignore Trump’s complaints all you want, but you can’t dismiss the legitimate problems that were going on in numerous states across the country.

At the very least, states that have been conducting elections for over 200 years suddenly couldn’t count a ballot. Reports indict ballots were lost, destroyed, or plain forgotten about. We know in some states, they didn’t even bother to match signatures on ballots with voter rolls. Confusion and controversy cast a huge shadow over the entire process—which has led to great mistrust of our election systems.

It should come as no surprise, then, to see Republican-led states pass laws to ensure this never happens again. Democrats for some odd reason oppose measures to prevent future problems. They are pushing the narrative that voter integrity laws will prevent people from voting.

But it appears Americans are not buying their claims.

Large majorities of voters are in favor of tighter voting rules and restrictions in the wake of months of controversy following the 2020 election, new polling shows…

The polling, drawn from national surveys by veteran pollster Scott Rasmussen, indicates that up to three-quarters of U.S. voters are opposed to the looser voting regulations that were put in place for much of last year’s presidential election.

A full 70% of voters, for instance, would like a hard Election Day deadline for mail-in ballots…

A whopping 76% favor requiring photo ID to vote… Rasmussen found that 65% of voters “believe government agencies should be required to report the vote totals from all ballots either on Election Night or the next day.” [Source: Just the News]

An overwhelming majority of Americans want the kind of voter protections putting put into place by Republicans all over the country. This is a major narrative fail for the Democrats, who have been pushing the claim that voter protection is racist and un-American.

Democrats have been huffing and puffing for a long time that voter ID—one very basic and simple rule—is racist. Yet they can’t explain or prove why that is. When you need an ID to do just about anything in this society, how is requiring it to vote wrong?

But they’ve gone farther than opposing voter ID. Democrats have fought to make all sorts of changes to our elections, so that it will be much easier for people to cheat and much harder for officials to catch it. How is that helping minorities vote or reassure voters that our elections are safe?

This poll shows most Americans oppose the kind of sleazy rules Democrats want to put into place. They want ballot deadlines to be on Election Day, not days or weeks later. They want totals to be reported the day of the election or the next day—no more of these questionable delays. Seventy-six percent support voter ID. And an amazing 60% want to ban “ballot harvesting” a tactic so corrupt even the name sounds illegal.

These results reflect the kind of message Donald Trump has been sharing over the last year. It shows that Americans have not bought the media’s rosy depiction of our elections, that nothing bad ever happens and there were no problems in 2020.

Just imagine. If Trump can influence people this well outside of office, what will he be able to do in 2022 or 2024?

Author: Jones Ableton