Anti-Trump Military Leaders Are Becoming Very Dangerous

The descent into liberalism of our current military brass has been a very-discussed topic. As we have reported before, the woke advertising campaigns mock the readiness of our military. While China gets more and more capable with their Navy and prioritizes physical strength, the US Armed forces are out there pushing for people who are gay parents or have anxiety issues.

But if you thought our military leadership was delusional before, a new book shows just how insane things have gotten and where they are going.

Apparently, General Milley, who recently supported critical race theory being taught in the military, and other generals created a plan to resign if Donald Trump tried to perform a coup. Yes, these total imbeciles really believed that Trump was going to order them to have a military takeover of the nation. All of this happened while they were ignoring orders to get peace during the riots of 2020.

I believe Mollie Hemingway makes a good point here:

This is very concerning, that these nutty people, so absorbed with their anti-white mindset that they are ignoring reality, are leading the nation’s military. What happens if a President DeSantis attempts to take office in 2025 and these political military leaders decide they cannot relent because of “interference in the elections?” And don’t think they wouldn’t try such a thing. They did all things against Trump after he won in 2016, including weaponizing the intel. community, something that is continuing today with the revelations about the NSA and Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

Watch the language of liberals. We are always hearing that if some bills don’t succeed that “democracy” will be overtaken by fascism. They are so crazy that they have convinced themselves that their political goals are really a defense of this country. That mindset is dangerous. Given this, why would I ever believe a nut like Milley has anything but this mindset when he also uses and supports the same ideology during public hearings?

Our military and our bureaucracy is compromised and broken. Bold action should be taken in order to fix it.

Author: Steven Sinclaire