Trump Makes His Next Big Move: “Decertify The Election”

GOP state senators in Arizona had a hearing this week to share their findings from the audit of the 2020 results in the county of Maricopa.

After the almost two-hour hearing filled with bombshells, former President Trump gave a passionate comment to his followers via email.

“The Arizona Senate hearing on the Maricopa Audit is giving devastating news to the far Left Democrats and the Biden White House,” Trump wrote.

He started by talking about the over 74,000 ballots that had been counted “with no record of getting received.” This was among the key findings spoken about during the audit hearing, and Arizona Republican Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward restated this on Twitter.

“Canvassing is needed,” she said. “It is the only way to know if these issues are real or only clerical mistakes. We have around 74,000 ballots that returned but there is no proof that they were ever sent by the county!”

Also, Trump said the audit meeting spoke about a “big printer and ballot issued with different paper being used.”

Despite the findings spoken about this week, Trump said, the county “refuses to cooperate with the Senate who are merely seeking for integrity and honesty.”

The Arizona GOP seemed to confirm this on twitter:

In order to really confirm the correct results of the election, it would benefit Democrats to complete the needed audits and substantiate the results that widespread fraud did not happen.

Instead, they cause themselves to look suspicious by refusing to review the election results.

“Why would Commissioners not want to investigate this corrupt election?” Trump said. “What are they attempting to hide?”

Given the evidence provided late this week in Arizona, these questions seem valid to most people.

The former president ended his comment by invoking the idea that many of his supporters are thinking about.

“The very respected State Senator Wendy Rogers revealed in a tweet that the hearing essentially means we need to decertify the election,” Trump said. “The Senate patriots are pushing forward with the final results which will be announced soon, but based on what we heard today, why wait?”

In another one of her tweets, Rogers urged “for the Biden electors to be recalled” and said that “a new election should be done.”

Author: Blake Ambrose