Free Speech Cancelled As Plague Of Tyranny Sweeps The Nation

An “America First” rally which was scheduled for Saturday in California, was canceled, and city officials were excited over the news.

A Twitter posting from the city unveiled the cancellation, highlighting that the city was behind the event featuring GOP Republicans Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and Matt Gaetz of Florida would not happen.

“The city had safety issues with the operator, and these concerns were also shared by the operator,” the comment said.

Then there was a hint about the real reason.

“We respect free speech but also have the duty to call out such speech that does not represent our values,” the comment read.

When the city was questioned about picking and choosing what free speech is allowed, the city insisted on safety issues it did not give details about the real reason.

“Please help us share true information. We protect free speech in Anaheim. We enjoy the same free speech and can speak when something does not align with our values. To be certain: public safety issues are why this is not happening,” the city said in a comment.

Many people on Twitter stressed that this decision looked like censorship.

Saturday’s rally was going to be held at the Anaheim Event Center, a private facility.

Are liberals preventing conservatives their right to protest?

“I see this was a divisive topic in our community, and I’m glad it’s been dealt with,” Riverside Mayor Patricia Dawson stated, adding that she thanked a venue that had canceled the rally.

The Pacific Hills Event Center is a privately owned building.

On the other hand, the Riverside Convention Center, a location that also canceled the rally, is government-owned. That means the cancellation will face serious legal consequences.

Gaetz and Greene did hold a protest outside the Riverside City Hall this Saturday.

“They might try to shut down our rallies, but we will go to the courts, to the halls of Congress and, if needed, into the streets,” Gaetz warned.

“Here is what they must understand,” Greene said. “We are going to put America first, we will never back down.”

Lawsuits are being threatened over these cancellations.

Author: Scott Dowdy