Texas and Florida Bring ‘The Big Guns’ To Secure The Border

Plenty has already been said about Joe Biden’s manufactured crisis at the border. Thanks to Sleepy Joe, hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens have rushed the border. That number will soon reach a million—with many predicting 2 million by the end of this year.

Clearly, Joe Biden has no intentions of protecting Americans by ending this crisis. So, it falls to the states to prevent an endless flood of illegals from entering the United States.

Border states like Arizona and Texas have been fighting to secure the border. There is only so much states can do to prevent aliens from entering. A Supreme Court ruling from over ten years ago prevents them from deporting caught illegals. So, the name of the game is defending the border and discouraging more migrants (and drug cartel members) from coming.

And they just got another ally in the fight, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis joined Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in Del Rio, Texas, Saturday to discuss Florida’s efforts to provide security at the southern border.

DeSantis said Texas and Florida are “sending a clear message to Washington: Our states will enforce the law while the Biden Administration neglects its duty. Law enforcement from across the country are ready and willing to help secure our border.”…

Florida law enforcement personnel who have been working with Texas DPS in the Del Rio sector in Val Verde County told DeSantis that the majority of people they have arrested, roughly 70%, said their destination was Florida. [Source: Just the News]

Why is Florida, of all states, working to help Texas defend the Southern border? Is it because both governors and Republicans (and possible 2024 presidential candidates)? Not quite. You read it right here, about 70% of the aliens they caught claimed they were headed to Florida. Their plans were to slip in through the border with Texas and—by hell or highwater—make it to the Sunshine State.

We’ve been saying this for a long time, but here’s the proof. This border crisis is not a problem only border states have to deal with. Every corner of the country will suffer from this explosion of illegal immigration. If you think your community is safe because it’s far away from the border, think again.

These migrants are looking for any place they can infiltrate. The best of them just want to take your jobs and government welfare. The worst want to spread violence, drug addiction, and human trafficking. On top of that, they don’t even have to make their way to your town themselves. Joe Biden is flying countless migrants to states all over the place.

So, if your governor doesn’t join DeSantis, you should be very worried. Every state has a reason to want the border secured.

With support from Florida, Texas has more law enforcement officials to monitor the border. They have more man power to arrest would-be migrants. And they have more resources to battle drug cartels, that are using the border like a revolving door.

Biden knows all this is happening. It’s not a secret. But he continues to ignore this crisis as it turns into an epidemic.

The only long-term solution is to get him and his cronies out of D.C. for good.

Author: Sam Anderson