China Launches All Out War On America — Guess How Biden Responded?

The Biden White House today formally put blame on China for the hack that happened in March of Microsoft email servers and said the hack involved criminal gangs who performed other ransomware attacks as well, keeping people’s data hostage for millions of dollars.

The U.K.’s National Cyber Security Centre stated that these groups went for naval defense contractors in the United States and Europe along with the Finnish legislature, EU foreign policy leader Josep Borrell stated that the hacking was “done from China for the purpose of espionage and IP theft.”

So now that the Biden White House has blamed China for these attacks, what is he going to do about this threat?

“The announcements were not accompanied by sanctions against China, but were meant as a forceful condemnation of these activities a top Biden official said as part of a ,,“pattern of irresponsible actions in cyberspace.” They stressed the ongoing danger from Chinese hackers even as the admin. is consumed with attempting to stop ransomware attacks from Russia-linked syndicates that have went for America’s most crucial infrastructure.”,.,

“A top administration official who discussed the topic with reporters said that the United States has confronted top CCP officials and that the Biden team sees the multination shaming as being an important message.”

So essentially they are saying it is good enough to chastise China publicly. Are you kidding me? So just informing them we know is good enough punishment? And saying that it is a “pattern of irresponsible actions?” Hacking United States companies to harm another nation and to force a ransom is a lot more than just “irresponsible behavior” and should get a much larger response.

Biden’s reply to China is even worse than his response to Russian hackers’ numerous efforts to interfere with our infrastructure. It took numerous attacks before Biden warned Putin and Russia. Then, in his warning, he listed out 16 things for them to not attack, which is essentially giving them a target list. Then, we were hit by Russian hackers again in the largest global attack ever — not a very effective warning.

Author: Scott Dowdy