FBI Proven To Be a Hotbed Of Liberal Corruption

In news that is being censored, more evidence is coming out about how compromised and corrupt the FBI has become came out today.

You might recall the hyped plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Arrests were made in Oct. of 2020, with the idea being that the FBI prevented a kidnapping plot and a plot to overtake the U.S. government. After it was discovered after the arrests that one of the people in this event was anti-Trump and a BLM supporter, the story essentially went away.

All of this was combined with the politics of Gov. Whitmer’s controversial coronvairus policies. Earlier that same year, there were demonstrations at Michigan’s capital that brought lots of media and condemnation. The idea pushed by the liberal media was that these demonstrations led to the kidnapping plan.

But now, a huge curveball is being tossed into the mix about what actually happened. Supposedly, the FBI didn’t only have informants inside the group that was arrested. Instead, FBI agents played a leading role in planning of the whole ordeal and were also instrumental in creating the plot.

Would the Whitmer kidnapping plot happened without the FBI having such a leading role in the plan? That is a question that is hard to answer without more details, but it does show the questionable actions of the FBI, with their agents doing much more than simply gathering evidence. This should qualify as entrapment, and everyone of the agents involved should be sent to jail.

Obviously, the question is why the FBI did this. At the time, news of the plan was a political help for Whitmer and her coronavirus policies as well as Democrats who wanted to remove the “evil Trump voter” and push a narrative (though, the people who were arrested turned out to not be Trump supporters). The timing was very convenient as it happened close to the 2020 election. Was this only about doing police work or something else? I think the answer is pretty clear.

The FBI is more corrupt as it has ever been. And we might even declare it as a terrorist organization given the tactics it encourages. What’s more, the fact that the FBI would use such infiltration-and-encouragement tactics is more proof that the January 6th riot could have been created and planned by FBI agents and leaders.

Author: Steven Sinclaire