TX Cuts Biden’s Power Chord In One Genius-Level Move

Texas GOP Governor Greg Abbott has started the construction of his state’s very own fence along the border in a drive to slow the crisis at the border and “remove the feds from of the equation.”

“I asked what will a fence stop?” Fox reporter Bill Melugin said on Twitter. “Texas says the idea is to remove the feds from the equation. No trespass signs will allow them to arrest. Instead of bringing in Border Patrol, they will move migrants to jail for breaking Texas law.”

The Twitter discussion included photos with exclusive access to the first 1.5-mile length of border fence in Del Rio.

The report comes after a surge in illegal migrant captures in the local area.

“SPIKE IN BIG GROUPS – #USBP Agents found the biggest group this fiscal year,” Brian Hastings, Chief Patrol Agent tweeted this week.

“298 migrants in one group illegally went through La Grulla.”

“15K+ illegals were caught in one week.”

Abbott said in June that his state is making a big financial investment in a barrier to halt the growing flood of illegals.

“The Biden Admin. has left behind its responsibilities to protect the border and people in Texas are suffering because of this,” Abbott said, according to a press release from the Governor’s office.

“The problems along America’s southern border are only worsening because of President Biden’s inaction. Property is getting destroyed, illegal weapons and deadly drugs are being brought into our communities throughout the state, police are redirecting their resources, and mayors and judges are facing raising expenses,” he said.

“Texas is doing more than ever before to protect the border, but it is certain that more is required. In the Biden Admin.’s absence, Texas is getting the job done by creating the border barrier. Through this comprehensive public safety agenda, we will protect the border, slow the inflow of unlawful immigrants, and bring back order to our border towns.”

The Texas governor also made the announcement via Twitter.

Beyond the state level funding, Abbott also unveiled a new donation page “where any person can voluntarily give money to the building of the border wall.” Donors can support the agenda at borderwall.texas.gov.

Author: Steven Sinclaire