Biden Takes a Page From Hillary’s Playbook — Fails To Get Away With It

History has a weird way of repeating itself. When Biden was vice president under Obama, his son Hunter was traveling around the world (sometimes using Air Force Two) in his drive for various business ventures.

Biden was also proven, thanks to recently released photos, to have met with his son’s business partners at the VP residence back in 2013 and gives substantial weight to the claim Biden lied about knowing nothing of his son’s work.

Now, we have found out that Biden, while he was vice president, was sending Hunter emails from a private email account, including info he had gotten from the State Dept.

If this seems familiar, it’s because it’s almost exactly what failed presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Clinton was very accused of being guilty of during the 2016 presidential race. Those accusations were a huge part of the corruption in the Obama White House and the deep state.

With the Bidens’ private emails, it seems to be much less suspicious than Clinton and her BleachBit software, to be fair. But when you remember the Biden history, well, it most certainly does not look good.

Just the News revealed this week that then-VP Biden was shooting off emails to sons Hunter and others from the private account [email protected], according to discoveries made on Hunter’s laptop.

According to this report, the messages were signed with “Dad” and were concerning personal issues but also sometimes forwarded intel. he got from the State Dept..

In one example, he asked his son Hunter to call him now after the former wanted to be involved with his dad’s appointment of a Treasury Dept. detailee.

One of the emails was written to the State Dept. from the U.S. Embassy in Istanbul about the release of American Martin O’Connor, who was imprisoned in Turkey.

“The top attorney for O’Connor reports the court gave the appeal and he expects him to be released today, barring any unforeseen events,” the email said, explaining the details of his December 11, 2014 release.

A former Obama top official, who spoke anonymously out of “fear of reprisal,” confirmed the use of private email accounts, saying it was known to numerous other officials during this time.

“I saw it used to talk to his family or to give information to them,” the individual said.

Author: Steven Sinclaire