McConnell Betrays America, Sides With Radical Dems

Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) is pushing unvaccinated Americans to go and get their COVID-19 shot or risk going through last year’s shutdown again.

On Tuesday, the AP said that McConnell has asked Americans to ignore what he claimed was “demonstrably terrible advice” from proponents of the anti-vaccine “agenda.”

During his weekly press conference, McConnell stated that, “If anyone out there is willing to listen: Get vaccinated. These vaccines must get into everyone’s arms as quickly as possible or we are going to be back in a problem in the fall that we don’t want — that we had to go through last year. This is not hard.”

McConnell, a polio survivor, then said that he “never thought” that “we would have difficulty getting the American people to get the vaccine.”

He published a video on twitter of his comments, and captioned it, “Get your vaccinate! These shots need to get inside the arms of as many people as possible, or else we are going to be back in a lockdown situation like what happened last year.”

At the time of this news, the video has been gotten over 1.5 million views.

Also, last week, McConnell issued similar comments during a conference, saying, “I am perplexed by the difficulty we are having in finishing the job. We are in the red zone, but we are not to the end zone just yet.”

“We must finish the job and some of it is convincing the American public of the need to do this,” he added.

Republican Senator Roy Blunt (Miss.) joined with McConnell during and said, “We are not in as terrible of a place as we were before, but we are not in the good place we want to be.”

June surveying from Fox News discovered that 55% of GOP members polled reported that they got the vaccine compared to the 78% number of Democrats and 59% among independents.

According to the WSJ, the Delta variant now is 83% of known cases. The growth, the outlet said, is “primarily happening in places with less vaccination.”

Author: Blake Ambrose