Biden’s Love Affair With The Mainstream Media Just Got Downright Weird

President Biden recently said that partisan CNN personality Don Lemon — who has pushed the idea that Americans don’t view black people as “humans” and that parents who are against critical race theory are only being selfish — “one of the best informed journalists in the nation.”

The president made the comments while responding to an inquiry about how to bring back faith in the American government during a town hall this week.

“How do you deal with the mistrust in the system among people in the black community?” the questioner asked.

Biden started his response by repeating a commitment he made to accept responsibility for his mistakes by publicly admitting them. Then he said that generally, it is about “raising the confidence in elected leaders.”

But confidence in the government is at a rock bottom all-time low, Biden said, as proven by the scoffing that happened after he declared while campaigning that he wanted to “unite the nation.” According to Biden, Lemon took note of the criticism he got because he was well-informed.

“I know this might sound like a non-answer, but a part of this is that — you understand because you are one of the most informed journalists in the nation,” Biden said.

“You saw the criticism I got when I stated that I wanted to unite us, ‘You can’t unite the nation,'” he went on. “And if we can’t unite the nation, we can never solve these problems. And that leads to trust. Why can’t you unite us? Why is there a willingness to trust?”

Lemon has said in the past that he was a “journalist” and “not political” despite his obvious political opinions.

Previously this year, Lemon made claims of not being bias while also claiming the GOP was “obsolete” and the Democratic Party was the only one “working in reality.”

“Maybe Americans who want America to be a country and that are sane, rational and equal … need to challenge the GOP more,” he said.

Lemon and fellow CNN colleague Chris Cuomo routinely use the handoff segment in between their shows to discuss the political events of the day from a liberal perspective.

Author: Blake Ambrose