Jimmy Carter 2.0 – Biden Blasted For Failing Economic Policies

When Joe Biden was running for president, believe it or not, some businesses were in full support. We’re not talking about crooked labor unions who need Democrats to shake down their bosses. Large corporations and other business-minded groups backed the secret socialist, thinking he’d do more for the economy than Donald Trump.

Oh, what a difference six months—and massive inflation and a workers’ shortage—makes. Joe Biden has done nothing to help our ailing economy. Just as we were coming out of a crippling pandemic, Joe hits us with bloated government spending, expanded welfare, and rapid inflation. Not only that, but a variety of his policies (from immigration to the environment) have damaged the jobs market.

So, it should be no surprise that people are turning on the so-called moderate. Now, a business advocacy group is releasing an ad skewering the Democrat.

“Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who’ll Be the Most Economically Destructive of Them All,” the ad read, with a picture depicting Biden looking in a mirror but seeing a reflection of Carter.

“Once upon a time, there was a President named Jimmy Carter,” the ad went on to say. “His misguided economic policies led to high inflation, soaring gas prices, and job loss. Sadly, Democrats have created Jimmy Carter 2.0 in the form of President Joe Biden.”

The group argued that Biden’s spending – a nearly $2 trillion American Rescue Plan and a proposed $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan – “has the potential to hurt the country even more than Carter did.” [Source: Just the News]

It’s odd that anyone would have thought Joe Biden would do more for the economy than Donald Trump. But many, including most Democrats, convinced themselves that Biden’s plans were best. The man promised to raise taxes, return us to Obama-era regulation, and push radical ideas like getting rid of the oil industry.

Yet still, dummies across America voted for this guy. (But at least there’s no more mean tweets, right?)

Joe Biden has clearly come out as a pro-socialist Democrat. He is pushing spending plans that will only add to inflation. He wants Americans out of work, sucking on the government’s teat. All the while, illegal aliens flood the border, taking jobs from the few folks who want to work.

And that’s only for starters. Joe wants to expand the welfare state, which will destroy the working class. He wants to pass so much environmental regulation, we can say goodbye to our energy industry. His plans will make it impossible for startups and up-and-coming Americans to strike out and make it.

Jimmy Carter 2.0? Not quite. Joe Biden has gone beyond Carter’s sincere, yet very misguided policies. It seems Biden is intentionally trying to sabotage America’s recovery, all in the name of socialism and globalism.

The only thing that can stop him is if the American voter wakes up next year.

Author: John Graham