Pelosi’s Career Teeters As “Trump’s Lady” Rips Her Apart

As Republican Conference Chair, NY Congresswoman Elise Stefanik is already doing great things, and revealing why WY Congresswoman Liz Cheney was a total failure, and why it was important she be removed in that role.

Stefanik put out a comment on House Speaker Pelosi’s choice to veto Congressman Jim Banks and Congressman Jim Jordan from Pelosi’s Jan. 6 Trump Supporter Revenge Commission.

Mollie Hemingway revealed the incredible comment in a Twitter discussion and prefaces it with well-selected fire emojis:

Stefanik does not buy the narrative that is being pushed about this Jan. 6th commission; she immediately labels it for what it is, and slams Pelosi for her behaviour. This is in complete contrast to Cheney’s subservient demeanor. Cheney completely stands with Nancy and dismisses her party’s leadership. Please God, save us from these family dynasties!

Hemingway goes on with more about Stefanik’s fiery comment:

More from Stefanik: “This commission is a total sham and was a disgrace from the start; no amount of pathetic excuses from the liberal media will change this.”

“What is Pelosi so scared of? She is scared of the American public finding out the real truth that her failed speakership and mismanagement of the Capitol led to the terrible events that day.”

For sure, if Congressman Jordan had stayed on the commission, he would have mentioned the real questions that he, and Congressmembers Rodney Davis, Devin Nunes, and James Comer sent to Pelosi in their letter way back in February.

And Jordan for sure would be asking Pelosi the good questions about all the video of the Capitol on Jan. 6 that she won’t release.

Hemingway ends with Stefanik giving Pelosi’s biggest fear—the American public demanding accountability from its leaders—and Stefanik’s demand that Nancy Pelosi be fired:

“Time to Fire Nancy Pelosi. I don’t have any doubts that after next Nov., Nancy Pelosi will never have the Speakership ever again. She will make history as most hated Speaker who will be fired not once, but twice. And it cannot come soon enough.”

There it is! Emojis are usually overused, but in this case, they are perfect. Stefanik brings the fire and the fight where it is required. Stefanik also stands in solidarity with Congressmen Jordan and Banks, and their ability to be the voices for truth on this commission.

Author: Scott Dowdy