Republicans Set The Ultimate Liberal Trap — And They Just Took The Bait

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell revealed in an interview this week that the GOP in the Senate will not vote to raise the country’s debt limit.

“I can’t imagine there will be a single conservative voting to increase the debt ceiling after what we have gone through,” McConnell said during a recent interview.

What we have gone through is $6.4 trillion in more spending added to our debt since 2019 when Trump stopped the debt limit for two years. This suspension stops on July 31, and unless lawmakers approve a boost before then, the federal government will reach “technical” default. The national debt went up from $22 trillion in 2019 to reach the $28.5 trillion figure it is at now.

Really though, the Treasury Dept. can use some smoke and mirrors to allow the government to keep going for many months. But sometime in Oct., even the Treasury Dept. cooking the books will not be good enough to push back default.

McConnell wants the Dems to fall for the trap on this one and he might easily get his wish. There are many Democrats in Washington who want a bipartisan vote to increase the debt limit to limit the anger of the voters. They will not get it.

McConnell’s threat did not go well with Democrats. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer hilariously said that the added debt was the fault of Trump.

“This is Trump debt,” Schumer said. “It is Covid debt. Democrats got together three times during the Trump White House to do the right thing and the fact is that McConnell should not be trying political games with credit of the U.S..”

Americans might pay their debts but the American federal government is filled with deadbeats.

Expanding the debt ceiling higher to account for Democrats’ $3.5 trillion relief bill would absolve the GOP of responsibility for the vote since they were not intending on voting for it anyway. It takes a certain kind of stupid to vote to spend money and then not support the process that allows you to pay for it.

When Dems were the minority, they used their own political tactics with the debt limit, so to see them freak out now sounds great to me.

Author: Steven Sinclaire