Democrats’ Money Promises Turn Out To Be a Bold-Faced Lie

Have you seen how the Democrats and liberal media are strangely silent on jobless numbers? Well, the reason this is the case is not difficult to find out. Lots of stories have come out revealing that the Democrats’ contention that unemployment funds were not hurting the unemployment rate is a total lie. In fact, the numbers from a recent survey have now destroyed the “unemployment benefits did not contribute to jobless numbers” liberal narrative.

The poll, which was done by Morning Consult, discovered that around 1.8 million unemployed people have refused jobs due to unemployment benefits giving them more money than a job would. The numbers essentially prove what conservatives have shouted since early this year about how the increased unemployment benefits are pushing people to stay home.

As a result of this stupid policy, American businesses – especially smaller ones – are seeing drastic labor shortages, which has harmed their bottom line. In many places, it is rare to see a store, or other kinds of small business without a “we are hiring” sign in the window.

The federal benefits will expire going into October. However, numerous states have already canceled the unemployment payments due to the unemployment rate. Late in the month of June, it was proven that these states witnessed a sharp decline in joblessness.

The amount of unemployment recipients is decreasing at a faster rate in Missouri and 21 more states canceling extended payments this month, proving that stopping the aid could push more to get jobs.

Morning Consult economist John Leer gave a warning that removing unemployment benefits early might bring other issues. He said that “getting people to go from depending on unemployment insurance to income does not just automatically occur” and insisted that “there will be some matching frictions at work.”

Nevertheless, it is certain that the harm that unemployment benefits are causing on the economy is not worth this risk. Small businesses have already been hurt by the covid pandemic and resulting lockdowns. Even during a recovery, they are having a hard time running their operations and the lack of employees is surely a great contributor to the issue. Despite the Democrats’ desire to keep as many people on the government dole as they can, it seems a return to normalcy is coming along at an encouraging rate.

Author: Blake Ambrose