Hypocrite Police Defunders Get What They Deserve

“Sunday Night in America” host Trey Gowdy ripped into ‘Squad’ liberal Congresswoman Cori Bush, D-Mo., after campaign documents showed she spent a whopping $70,000 on personal security while also pushing for lowered police funds nationwide.

“Congress-members are using more funds than ever on their own personal security,” Gowdy, a former Republican congressman told people on Sunday night. “It’s a terrible sign of the times we are in. Members of Congress have come under threats of violence. Due to these threats, congress-members can spend campaign funds on their personal safety… safety is their number one desire for themselves. But what about the American people?” he said.

Gowdy encouraged people to think about their safety as the nation deals with an increasing crime wave.

“Do you feel like you are safe? Could your town benefit from a better police presence? Does your place of work have metal detectors?” he asked. “Are the streets you drive down lined with squad cars? Do you have personal security whenever you travel? I understand why congress-members spend money on their own safety. I just do not understand why some congress-members do not feel the same way about Americans’ safety. If their safety is their top priority, why shouldn’t your safety be as well?”

The former lawmaker then put his focus on Congresswoman Bush, whose team sent $54,120.92 recently for “security services” to a security firm known as RS&T Consulting, a company with a strange online presence, as reported by FEC records. The liberal Democrat’s team also sent $15,000 to someone named Nathaniel Davis in exchange for “security services” over this same time frame.

As Bush’s team did this, she was publicly demonizing police, and crowning herself as one of the top advocates in favor of police defunding, Gowdy observed.

“She wishes to defund the police nationwide and wants to defund your community police, but not her’s,” the host said. “She used $70,000 on her own security in 2020. That amount of money would buy you your own police officer in the state of South Carolina. Corey Bush tells us this is justice, the better word should be hypocritical,” he said.

“She wished to defund American’s police while she gets robust security in Washington and St. Louis.”

Author: Scott Dowdy